Photocatalyst Lamp

Photocatalyst Lamp

Sawayaka Lamp

Sawayaka Lamp
Products Name Dimension Total LM Power Voltage Cap Input Method Ra UV Band
Tino4000RA98PUV 30φ×1198 2000 28 90~240 G13 One Side 98 370nm,405nm
Tino4000RA98PUS 30φ×1198 2000 23 90~240 G13 One Side 98 405nm
Tino4000RA85UV 30φ×1198 2800 28 90~240 G13 One Side 85 370nm,405nm
Tino4000RA85US 30φ×1198 2800 23 90~240 G13 One Side 85 405nm

Point01Very effective for sterilization and deodorization

Boasts high sterilization and deodorizing ability against airborne bacteria

UV effect measurement results

★What is 0.1
21% die
How to read the table:0.1 is 10 to the power of 0.1
i.e. 1.2589 die
%labels (1-1/1.2589)×100
20.57% die

★What is 2.1
99.20% die
How to read the table:2.1 is 10 to the power of 2.1
i.e. 125.892541 die
%labels (1-1/125.89)×100
99.2% die

Concentration of inoculum:1.2×10⁸ cfu/ml
Inoculum amount:0.4ml/sample
*1 “E+07” is “×10⁷”
*2 Average value of n=3 measurement results
*3 Reference value obtained from the following formula
   Antibacterial activity value by LED irradiation = Log(B)-Log(C)
   B:Average viable count in the dark
   C:Average number of viable bacteria under light irradiation

Point02Double effect of photocatalyst and ultraviolet rays

Effective sterilization and deodorizing effect can be achieved because of the double effect of using photocatalyst and safe ultraviolet rays

Mechanism of photocatalyst lamp
Mechanism of photocatalyst lamp

JET confirms the safe dose of UV rays

100% inspection confirms the amount of UV rays UV dose:1000uW/cm2 (Sum of 360nm to 400nm)at 20cm distance

Confirmation of UV safe amount

Point03Uses a safe and secure UV dose

A photocatalyst lamp composed of safe UVA, general-purpose LEDs, and high-color-rendering LEDs
You can use it with confidence because the amount of ultraviolet rays is less than the same level as sunlight
It also has excellent color rendering properties, so it is also characterized by a light that is close to natural light

What is a photocatalyst lamp?

A catalyst is a substance whose presence speeds up the reaction of another substance without itself being changed
When the photocatalyst is exposed to light (ultraviolet rays), it causes a chemical reaction called catalysis, which oxidizes and decomposes all organic (compound)※1 substances into carbon dioxide and water
The raw material is mainly titanium oxide, which is harmless and friendly to people and the environment, so anyone can use it with confidence
By exposing titanium oxide to light, it causes catalytic action and generates active oxygen

※1 Organic substances (various viruses, bacteria, odors, chemicals, allergens, etc.)

Very effective even in corona environment

High color rendering Ra98/general-purpose photocatalyst is our exclusive technology (as of 2022)