High CRI Products (Beauty Lamp)

High CRI Products (Beauty Lamp)


Adjustable and re-tuning LED high CRI Lamp

High CRI
High CRI High CRI

Point01Priority on High CRI selection

High CRI on R1 to R15 Mode(By our measurement)

Type R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 Ra
Tino4000Ra98P 99 99 99 99 99 98 98 97 92 99 96 96 99 99 98 98
Tino4000Ra98PG 98 98 99 98 96 98 98 98 96 97 93 92 98 99 98 98
Tino4000Ra95S 95 95 92 96 94 96 97 94 93 96 98 80 98 96 97 95

(Available Anti-Explosion Lamp)

Point02Priority on u’v’ Mode

High CRI

Priority on u’v’ with 0.005 circle Mode

Adjust on Blue and Green for u’v’ 0.005 circle within 0.005

Point03Priority on Metamerism Index Mode

Get best score on Metamerism Index with Intexs Software

Point04Memory Function availability

High CRI

Choose Priority Items, Get high precise function

Choose Memory function Set 1 to Set 5 for prioritizing


High CRI


High CRI


Re-tuning on aging issues happened

Adjust on waveness using on UV・B・G

High CRI Products / Technical Matter

1. Intexs original technology on white LED plus 3 different color LED

High CRI

Brightness Adjustment Ri goal Color Temperature management<

High CRI

Other company method Blue LED Plus Green Red phosphor

Most Supplier method: Blue + phosphor, Intexs method is individual LEDs with changing brightness.

2. Full managed RGB LED by Intexs

Ra value control, Color temperature control, Illuminance adjustable, Dedicated controller

High CRI

Maintain high CRI values on calibrated control

High CRI

The rate of deterioration is expected to increase due to most supplier use Blue+phospoher

Lux 1540.01
CIE-x 0.3505
CIE-y 0.3558
duv -0.0001
CCT (K) 4814
Ra 97.98
Ri 97.228

3. Prioritization



Metamerism Index MIV, MIU/h4>

Push Set Bottum due to Microcontroller controlable

4. Direct replacement (No fabricated wiring)

  • Direct replacement from traditional tube to LED
  • Extensive product series
  • Power consumption is 1/2 compare with fluorescent tube
High CRI

Power up on our ability

Best performance on our light source

High CRI
High CRI
High CRI
High CRI

Beauty lamp Tino2000NZ

For example, our lamp shows best performance on each condition, meat, fish, fruits. Good for beauty shops, others

Preset function by remote control

Maximum 5 memories
For example, our lamp shows best performance on each condition, meat, fish, fluets. Good for beauty shops, others

  • In the case of food lighting, settings can be made according to the food, such as for meat, fruit, and fish
  • In the case of a boutique, you can set the environment based on the image of the seasons such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter
  • It is also ideal for adjusting and inspecting printed matter
  • Since the wavelength characteristics are almost flat, it is also ideal for plant factory lighting

High CRI

Actual level more than 98, guaranteed more than 95. Fassion, printing, others

Just one light source from several fluorescent traditional tubes

Reduce inventory risk, get high performance using Intexs LED lights

High CRI
High CRI
High CRI
High CRI
High CRI

Old Traditional Fluorescent tubes (Spectral Irradiance)

Vertical axis is relative power(%) Horizontal axis is wavelength(nm)