LED business

  • Development of high CRI LED lamp, Tino4000RA98P and Semiconductor lamp.
  • Business alliance with a major Taiwanese and Chinese company for White LED lamp
  • Subcontracting production of full-color LED light sources to a major Taiwanese company.
  • Production of small quantities, high-mixes, etc. are outsourced to domestic partner companies
  • UV lamps are manufactured using bare chips from major Korean manufacturers.

Measurement Equipment

  • Out sourcing for measurement equipment on visible
  • Under development for automatic control using robot
  • UV Curing Light with best curing condition

Partner Company

Screen GP Service
Simoda Kogyo

Technical Information

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI)
We are very closely working with TIRI for correlation and other technical matter (Video)
In addition, it has been adopted and registered in the 2019 application case collection of Tokyo Industrial Giken.