UV LED Lights (Anti-Insect Lamp & Insect catching Lamp)

UV LED Lights for Insects, Plant Tino2000UV

UV Lamp for Insects

UV Value
Tino1500UV55 × 70 × 436200mW10lx @1mG13DC availableRGB Upon requests
Tino2000UV55 × 70 × 580360mW30lx @1mG13DC availableRGB Upon requests
Tino4000UV55 × 70 × 1198550mW50lx @1mG13DC availableRGB Upon requests

※Intexs patent No. 6449184

Insect Killer Equipement

UV Lamp for Insects

UV LED Lights

Intexs UV LED lamp has established high super longer life from traditional LED lamp, most LED lamp is not longer than 10,000hours because of plastic aging issues. We have developed excellent materials with Japanese domestic company. Our lamp cover will exceed more than 4 years.

Intexs Patent has qualified on each location, angle and shape. Avalilable adjustment color, brightness

Anti-Insect Lamp for parking lot and track yard

Anti-Insect Lamp

Intexs proposals

  1. Use Anti-Insect Lamp at parking lots
  2. Use 440nm cut lights for indoor lights
  3. Expects 1/10 return for return of investments

Example 1: Convenience store

Parking lots

Use from Metal Halide lamp to Anti insects Lamp

Intexs proposal

  1. Use Anti-Insects lamp instead of Mercury Lamp
  2. Use 440nm cut LED white Lamp for inside store
  3. Expect energy improvement more than 90%


Use 440nm cut products.
Introduce Insect Killar equipement.

Examples 2: Track yard and Entrance Area

Parking lots

Change Marcury lamp to Anti-Insects Lamp

In Factory

Use 440nm cut Lamp.
Introduce insect killer equipment.
Insect catch below 440nm wavelength.

Insects respond to the wavelength of light

Mercury Lamp shows a lot of UV rays which will invite a lots of insects.

Field Test results; Comparison data on traditional lights vs Anti-Insect lamp


DateWhite LEDYellowYellow SmokeNW 2400KNW 5000K
May 3rd135
May 5th367
May 14th10323
May 16th3822
May 23rd569293
May 23rd18571
May 24th411222