2020/10Supply New high CRI 6500K series
2020/03Supply Deep UV
2019/04Co-work with Taiwan company
2019/04Award in 2020 Risona and Nikkan Kogyo Newpaper No.31 Excellent New Proecuts Award
2019/03Supply UV curing lamp
2018/03Supply UV Insect Lamp
2017/09Agreed on Major Supplier for High CRI Products
2016/03Supply High CRI Lamp to the market
2015/05Started “Beauty Lamp” in to New Market Development in Tokyo-Kosya
2015/05Supply Semiconductor Lamp & Anti-Explosion Lamp
2015/04Supply UV Lamp
2015/03Started “Ceiling Lamp for Beer”& “Beauty Lamp” in to New Market Development in Tokyo-Kosya
2015/01Supply “Beauty Lamp”
2013/12Supply “Unti-Insect Lamp” through major insect company
2011/11Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun introduced Intexs Semiconductor Lamp
2010/10“Business Probability on Semiconductor Lamp” by Tokyo-Kosya
2009/06Started “RGB LED lamp” in to New Market Development in Tokyo-Kosya
2008/06Supply 19inches Monitor to JR East
2008/05Developed RGB Controllable LED lighting
2008/01Introduced Intexs RGB lights into Fexa Facing Millar
2007/07Introduced Intexs RGB lights into Major Family restaurant
2007/02Introduced Intexs RGB lights at Iwasaki Show rooms
2006/09Introduced Intexs RGB lights at Tokyo Science University as 125 years anniversary
2006/02Developed RGB Unit named “Tino”
2005/04Open Tokyo Office at Chiyada-ku Tokyo
2005/02Co-relation with K Bridge in Taiwan
2004/12Developed Camera module 1.3M
2004/03Just started Intexs business in Inagi City